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After many years in the industry, we have accumulated a broad competence and a deep understanding of what governs today's trends.

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Roots business idea

In 1975 a small awning company started in Vallentuna outside Stockholm by Ivan Karlsson and his son Bengt. But awnings are a seasonal product and they wanted something to do in the winter as well. It was the start of what is today Zone Systems. Ivan's and Bengt's slightly ingenious ideas have ensured that the Karlssons Skylt of the 70s became the MDI Scandinavia of the 80s and 90s and the Zone Systems of the 21st century.

Today we are one of the market-leading companies in classical sign production. We work with the whole world as a market, but the feeling of a family business remains. Our company is now part of the Treac Group.

Business concept
Our basic idea is to create products and services that make it easy for brand-conscious customers to reach out with their communication. Therefore, our sign products always build on well thought-out features, easily exchangeable messages, high quality and attractive design. Therefore, we can also offer you a number of services that help to optimize communication with your customers. In short - we can help you with the entire message logistics.