Our customers and partners

Waynes Coffee

In his new concept, Waynes has chosen to use light boxes with textile wrappers as menu boxes. The customer also buys specially designed street talkers and some other signs from Zone Systems.

Taco Bar

The fresh Tex-Mex decor includes facade signs and flag signs outdoors and a number of trendy neon and LED light boards indoors, all supplied by Zone Systems. 


Deliveries from Zone Systems takes the form of customized poster frames and curb signs for indoor and outdoor use. The stores are also offered assembly of the products throughout the country ..


This chain utilizes billboards, curb signs, A-stands, poster frames and light boxes for its ICA stores around Sweden.


Lightboxes with textile posters help Vagabond to profile itself in stores. It's simple when Zone manages everything from manufacturing to distribution around the world.

Max Burgers

Zone has been involved in developing Max's new concept and delivers everything from specially designed claddings to various light boxes, pictograms and pictures.


Did you know that Zone Systems invented the rotating menu light box? We have delivered curb signs, frames, menu boxes, DT products to more than 80 countries.

Clear Channel

Large messages and traffic frames with messages printed on corrugated board make campaign changes cost effective and simple without glue.

Circle K

This petrol company buys among others large billboards equipped with pre-printed messages. Zone has also delivered products to Circle K's first Drive Thru stations.

SF Bio

Big or small light boards, street signs or digital screens? Zone by zone we have gone through some cinemas to optimize communication.


Zone has a long-standing partnership with Coca-Cola and over the years we have delivered many kilometers of menu boxes and light-box images.

Sir of Sweden

Our popular light box Infinity for fabric banners gives a sober impression that fits well into the exclusive brand's stores.


The brand Beckers can be found at various department stores. Zone continuously delivers customized light boxes and banners to many of them.


Supermac's has 100 family restaurants across Ireland, serving Irish food and Papa John's pizza. Zone delivers menu systems inside and for the DT.

Itab Shop Concept

The right lighting in shop interiors can mean great energy savings. Because Zone has its own production, we can test and construct the right solution.


From concept sketches, product development to project management and assembly, Zone Systems helps so that the dairy profiling in the store looks good.


Energy-efficient LED light boards with snap function show the menu choices clearly for the consumer.


The largest fast food chain in the Philippines, Jollibee, with its approx. 1,200 restaurants buy our menu boxes produced in our factory in Asia.