At Clock time is not standing still  

On Friday, August 23, 2019, more than 40 years after the first Clock restaurant opened its doors in Stockholm, it was finally time for a new premiere. This time it is the hungry people of Härnösand who will be attracted with a whole new concept. The fact that Clock is returning to the market is long awaited by many. Although many thought that Clocks bacon burger with curry dressing was a real winner and Big Dream with pineapple slice in the burger was unique, competition became too tough in the late 90's. There is a long history between Clock and Zone Systems. Zone Systems has, among other things, supplied menu systems for the chain.

The new concept includes both a hamburger bar and a coffee house. This time, Zone Systems was honored to supply the facade signs. Zone System's basic idea is to create products and services that make it easy for brand-conscious customers to reach their message. The company offers comprehensive solutions in all forms of sign communication.

- It feels honorable to be given the task of delivering signs again to such a rich brand and extra fun to be able to deliver facade signs, says Maria Tedestedt Key Account Manager at Zone Systems.