Sustainable offer


With the Corona pandemic, things are being turned upside down. For many companies, the pandemic has included challenges in obtaining materials and products. Suppliers are spread all over the world and many have experienced difficulties in the supply chain. Today, we can see a number of larger companies choosing to bring their production home to Sweden to secure deliveries, take advantage of the experience and expertise available here at home and contribute to a more sustainable delivery. New establishments are also taking shape in Sweden, where we are taking advantage of our Swedish natural resources and our knowledge, which also generates new Swedish jobs.

Zone Systems currently produces most of its products in its Swedish production in Vadstena. We are a sustainable and good alternative. With our Swedish own production, we show a great customer focus because we can make special adjustments in a fast and successful way, we can in a safe and efficient way ensure the quality of our products and our deliveries and we can be very flexible based on customer needs, completely in line with our core values. We are one of the few suppliers in the sign industry in Sweden that has its own production. And we are very proud of that.
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