With our large selection of profile models, we almost dare guarantee that we can offer something that suits your taste and your needs. In our own factory, we can specially manufacture based on your needs.

Stands and curb signs

Do you want to stand out from the crowd through a very own type of stand or curm sign? We can offer Swedish-made customized models unique to our customers.

Light boxes

Over the years, we have made a huge amount of light boxes. From light boxes, floor pillars, patented IP-rated products for tough environments to asymmetric light boards.


We have both convex, flat, thin, reversible and unlit variants. We also have our own systems for easy installation regarding both ceiling and wall mounting.

Billboards / trafic frames

Many of our outdoor products are part of an advertising system where we can help you with both sign, picture and installation. The system is cost-effective and from many aspects a good environmental choice.


Do you want signage in, for example, a Drive-Thru, on a street lamp or in another place where you need customized product? Through the years we have done most things.