Wall mounted Billboard

We have a large range of reliable sign products designed to withstand harsh environments, harsh weather and wind

Stand-alone Billboard

Many of our outdoor products are included in an advertising system (Easy AD) where we can help you with both sign, picture and installation. The system is cost-effective and from many aspects a good environmental choice.

Twin Billboard

If you need more surfaces on your parking or at the entrance roads to your store, there is also a double-size billboard.

3-Part Billboard

Easy AD is a cost-effective and simple system. You do not have to paste your messages but use cardboard sheets that are pushed up in the profile tracks. In addition, an environmentally friendly alternative. Available as conversion kits and as new Billboards.

Konkavex frame

Our concave frame is unique because it can also be mounted on uneven surfaces, for example on concave or convex surfaces. The shape of your vehicle determines the shape of the frame.

Trafic frames

We customize this type of frame for the space available on the bus, tram or truck