Zone Marketing™

We have developed Zone Marketing ™, a method that looks over the customer flow at a sales point, zone of zone. Through this method we can then choose exactly the signage solutions and messages, in each zone, which both attracts and leads to purchase. Each individual sign also harmonizes with the others and thereby creates a well-coherent overall feeling.

The work with Zone Marketing ™ results in a concept solution that is developed based on a number of steps. The steps used vary depending on the customer's needs.

Planning zones

The offer is based on our experience of consumer behavior and our ability to lead the way in the right direction. How we can help to create the right emotions at exactly the right time. And thereby create a positive experience of the environment and what it has to offer, a feeling that ultimately results in purchases. That is what is both our and our customers' goals.

Therefore, we have developed Zone Marketing ™, a method of analyzing the point of sale, zone of zone. Based on this analysis, we can choose signage solutions and messages in every zone that both attracts and leads to purchases.

Communicate - steering the consumer.

Today, the ability to develop leading-edge communication solutions, whether static or moving, is one of our greatest strengths. In many cases, a well-balanced mix of classic and digital solutions can save money and create the dynamic solution that best conveys the right message to the intended target group.

The alternatives are many and based on the experience we have built up over the years, we in Zone Systems can offer qualified guidance. In addition, we have long experience and excellence in signage. We are happy to help you develop a unique communication concept, which serves as a valuable tool in the work of creating increased sales.